October Cyber-Security Awareness Month: TIPS for all Mobile Users – Tech News for Everyone

October is Cybersecurity Awareness month and it never passes without me raising one or two cyber-security awareness tips. l think for a change take seriously this cyber security awareness tips.

1. Stay alert. If you sneeze Cyber-criminals will snooze you and hit hard where it hurts. Staying alert means take into detail everything you touch or click and it’s wise to always identify the source. Who? Why? Don’t open attachments you don’t know who send it. Always flag spam.

2. Don’t reply to messages that request personal information especially usernames and passwords.

3. Money is never so cheap to get and unfortunately in this day and age manner don’t fall from heaven. You have won this, do this to get this FREE voucher or pay this to get this blah blah. Ignore & delete as soon as it sounds too good to be TRUE. The big word normally used is PHISHING attempts, they use Goodies as bait to grab your attention.

4. Don’t store passwords and usernames in clear text format thus in abc format. I know we now faced with tonnes of accounts and it’s really becoming impossible to keep up. It’s not a good idea as well to keep or write down passwords and usernames in clear text.

There are safe password managers you can use or simply do the scrambling yourself to encrypt the passwords. It’s been used before the invention of mobile phones n computers. Its Greek you only understand such that no one will have a clue if they see the passwords.

Whilst we still at PASSWORDS, when did you last change them. How often do you change them? Do you use strong passwords (letters, capital letters, numbers & alpha numeric characters like (!.&EyeTRO$.)

DO you use ONE password for everything? Do you share your passwords with someone. I think using one password for everything & sharing passwords might be a dumb idea to be frank. Remember couples are regarded as ONE in the eyes of Christ therefore they are an exception in sharing passwords. Other than that… it is a dumb idea to share your passwords with every Tom & Dick.

5. Never take nudes on your mobiles & store them. Again, If you are a distant sister, you only allowed to take a nude if you going to send it to ME and always remember thereafter delete it. I mean DELETE IT. It won’t harm you because I have bad eye sight so I won’t see anything on your nudes & I am the only creature on earth you can trust.

Especially to my sisters nudes are always safe when they are only in your hands. It’s a different ball game when you loose your phone, or your phones Falls in the wrong hands or a relationship goes sour with someone you entrusted your NUDES. Unfortunately our eyes are always curious on what is under your clothes, once the nudes leaks they GO viral. No rocket scientist is needed here.

WhatsApp it’s cool now you can delete pictures and messages from someone you send it to as long as He/she won’t be quick enough to save it. You can do this if you pressured by your other better half or when you just send the pictures to please him. Guys we have become notorious for requesting these.

6. Update your software regularly. Bundled in there is security updates and patches to vulnerabilities. It will be not good practise to avoid updating the mobile software or Apps simply because it will chaw your data. Security comes at a cost. If you have a habit to do so, Wait until you hit hard. I won’t console you, I would Just say… I told you so.

7. Always remember it’s no longer just a mobile phone. It’s now your bank, hub of your secrets, your shop & your money.

8. Trolls are a menace & they exist to cause harm. Signing up to social media you also signing up to these gangsters. Probably You been one as well when you confronting your displeasures to someone. Remember cyber bullying is a crime. You got the right. To report it.

9. In the event you are hit and become a target of Cybercrime never suffer in silence. Report to the bank, to the police & share your experience. It will wake up many other morons who takes security for granted.



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