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Nubiral plans to triple its staff specialized in Artificial Intelligence and increase its investment by 50% in 2024

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From Nubiral

Buenos Aires, December 2023.- Nubiral, a global technology company specialized in innovation and digital transformation, led by Maximiliano Giacri (CEO & CoFounder) and Fernando Zerbini (CSO & CoFounder), is ending 2023 with great results. In a year of constant change, Nubiral overcame difficulties and managed to establish itself as a benchmark in technology and digital innovation.

The 2023 balance reflects sustained growth and strategic investment. Nubiral has allocated US$1mn dollars to the creation of a Center of Excellence (COE), a commitment that reinforces its capacity to offer solutions linked to Artificial Intelligence. In addition, it plans to triple its staff by 2024 in the COE, which is currently 30%, and have a higher investment: US$1.5mn for next year.

With more than 10 years in the market, today Nubiral has a broad customer base that exceeds 100 in various industries and a global presence (with offices in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and the United States), and plans to consolidate the organization at a global level, with exponential growth in the countries in which it already operates, and expansion to other markets such as Chile, for example.

In its team, Nubiral has more than 150 employees with extensive knowledge of the industry; 80% of the team is certified, always keeping up to date with the latest technologies. Distributed throughout Latin America, they are highly trained to conceive and execute personalized and innovative high-performance technological solutions. In this sense, in 2023 it was recognized for exceeding 50 Amazon Web Services certifications for the second consecutive year. Likewise, in the case of Microsoft, Nubiral has 35 certified engineers with various advanced specializations in Azure, such as Kubernetes, Web Application Modernization, DevOps with Github, Data & Analytics and Networking.

With a focus on innovation and growth, Nubiral worked throughout 2023 on different projects such as Nubiral trainee in which it selected and trained students within different areas of cloud services. With the goal of teaching the application of fundamental concepts of cloud computing, as well as the implementation of efficient and scalable solutions in business environments, Nubiral provided young talents with the opportunity to acquire skills necessary to excel.

By 2024, the leading technology company hopes to continue on this path of technological transformation and development in Generative Artificial Intelligence from the Center of Excellence and as a Microsoft partner, promoting operational excellence in its mission to evolve the world through innovation and technology. .

About Nubiral:

Nubiral, the new generation of technological experts that leads the way towards innovation and digital transformation. With more than 10 years in the market, more than 150 collaborators and a global presence, it provides personalized solutions and professional services focused on Data & Innovation, DevOps & App Evolution, Hybrid Multi Cloud and Monitoring & Intelligence to enhance the evolution of our business. customers. It is possible to create a better future through innovation and technology.


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