Not quite Geneva: Autocar’s second-hand international motor show

That brand-new BMW 7 Series facelift: they’re not getting any prettier, are they? Instead, go for a proper 750 Sport from 2002-08 with 108,000 miles – £6495 from a trade seller with a warranty and all depreciated out. Just check the electrics and suspension. 

Goodness me, the Honda e prototype is so cute. Well, it was. Seems to be a five-door now and is all electric. We would stick with the cute hybrid that not enough people bought in the pocket-rocket shape of the CR-Z. One owner from 2010 with 55,000 miles is £5890. A full history is all you need for reassurance. 

Renault Clio? Sure, there is a new one with a high-tech interior, but there’s a slew of pre-registered cars in your local ‘showroom’. They’ve all got the big dog-bone grille and look like the new ones, but are cheaper. A 2018 1.2 Play with just over 1000 miles is £8630 when previously it was £13,950, so be prepared to feel smug. 

The new Volkswagen Beach Buggy looks grim rather than fun and inevitably it is electric, but the whole point of the original was a buzzing air-cooled engine and wacky GRP bodykit. A 1978 GP long-wheelbase with a 1600cc engine can be just £7495. Less than the battery lease. Otherwise, look for cracked bodywork and a rusty floorpan. 


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