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I am bitterly amused when misinformed conservative mouthpieces use iPhones, iPads computers and the Internet to spread asinine notions that scientists don’t know what they are talking about, that Man Made Global Warming is not real, that we can not build enough green energy capacity by a certain date and all that electric cars are good for is to sit in driveways, or even that the election was stolen from King Trump.

Meantime, Biden is president, scientists created a vaccine to protect dimwitted conservatives from dying a horrific death, developed self-driving electric vehicles, and spectacularly reasserted America’s greatness by safely landing a rover on Mars, smack down the middle of a 4X4-miles intended target zone, on a planet 65 million miles away.

Watch how “know-nothing scientists” accomplished the Mars landing feat in this NASA animation:

By contrast, many right wingers could not find Mars even if it were the only object in the nighttime sky.

Finally, I don’t care what anyone says, I am not about to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” with dimwitted denizens who allowed themselves to be brainwashed into believing “alternate facts,” ridiculous conspiracy theories, and are deep into spreading disinformation, trampling all over our Democracy and suppressing American votes, so …

Keep spouting your mindless claptrap Magaheads, the world is still in dire need of a laugh.

— Jorge Smirnoff, Chico



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