Norfolk’s reaction to push for more electric cars

A lack of places to charge electric cars may be holding them back, but people in Norwich still say they are the future.

As Norfolk County Council looks into ways to get more charging points in the county, people in the city centre gave their views on electric vehicles.

But their thumbs up for the switch to electric was tempered by the difficulty in finding charging points.

Joe Silvester

Joe Silvester.

– Credit: Dan Grimmer

Joe Silvester, who runs Joe’s Pets on Norwich Market, said: “Thirty years ago, I thought climate change was a load of rubbish, but I’ve really changed my mind.

“It’s like smoking – my generation didn’t really understand the damage it was doing, but we can see it now.

“I live and work in the city centre and it has really made me realise the pollution caused by cars and how it has to change for everyone’s futures.

“I always used to have heavy consumption cars, but if I were to get one now, I would not get one which is just petrol. I’d want to get a hybrid.”

On the £51 licence for people without driveways to charge their cars, he said: “I think it’s reasonable. It has to start somewhere and as more electric cars are sold, I think we’ll end up with car parks which have a plug for every space.”

But Mr Silvester said it had taken too long for electric cars to come to the market.

He said: “Years ago, I used to deliver milk in Scotland ago from the back of an electric float, so it’s not new technology.”

Former mechanic Gary Conway, 66, from Old Catton, said: “I really changed my mind when I drove an electric car. It was lovely, but the problem was when you came to charge it there was nowhere.

“I don’t have a problem with any of it, it’s just finding somewhere where you can charge it.

“My daughter-in-law has a hybrid and she thinks it’s great, but again, the problem is charging it.”

We asked people on our Facebook page for their thoughts on and experiences with electric cars.

Danny Watkins said he had done 17,000 miles in his since last August and had not had an issue so far, adding that he preferred the way they drive, their noise levels and running costs.

But he said drivers did need to plan their journeys and that more chargers were needed.

Marek Stebbings said they did too many miles for one and the lack of charging options was a deterrent.

Gina Freeman said getting an electric car was the “best choice we ever made”, while Mish Riches questioned how people without a driveway would charge them.


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