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Noida-Based OPPO now makes 1 Smartphone in 3 seconds

OPPO business makes a smartphone every 3 seconds in Noida factory where ten thousand laborers can find employment.

Oppo, the promising smartphone producer, notified that the Noida-based firm’s industry has now been solid in production. More and more people have been patronizing the OPPO brand due to its stability and constant update. The Oppo firm said that a smartphone goes ready every 3 seconds in its Noida factory. 

Zhou said the union of high-end technology and social workers with extraordinary ability, productivity, and cognitive skills allows them to make the most admired OPPO smartphones.

The best promising smartphone maker, Oppo company has denounced that its factory in Noida has been extremely flourishing in manufacturing. The Oppo corporation stated that a smartphone gets available in its Noida-based factory every 3 seconds.

However, the firm said that it has a huge warehouse in Noida, in the expanse of 110 acres, which does not allow the smartphone property to pass quickly downward in the entire country.

The Oppo company said that it constantly holds the element of producing 1.2 million smartphones so that its stock chain is not modified or swayed in any trouble, at any cost.

Great description of the director of Oppo

The president of Oppo, Elvis Zhou, said that with the rising notoriety of fresh Oppo Smartphones, they would run more bounteous on their production inclinations to satisfy the burgeoning organic demand.

Dispatch, novelty, and Knickknack will always be the roots of victory for Oppo firm. The association asserted that more than 10,000 people go to this factory for work.

Moreover, according to the market demand, the factory produces more than 60 lakh smartphones every month. The company mainly consists of four sections: assembly, SMC, storage, and supply warehouse. 

The exceptional finish at the industrial level 

With more than 10,000-strong work power, the company of OPPO offers more than 60 lakh smartphones a month during zenith periods. The facility is segmented into four different segments: assembly, SMT (Surface Mount Technology), storage, and supply warehouse.

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Moreover, the Oppo company said that his organization develops and equips a circuit board in merely 6.25 seconds. The ultra-super machine in its SMT segment can take 37 thousand supernumerary parts together.

The producing unit has 52 lines with 37 assemblage stations and 20 test stations and can transmit hundreds of micro-sized components for 200 Oppo smartphones in just 10 minutes. However, this firm uses a unique mix of people furnished with professional and technological inclinations for the production unit.


Image courtesy of OPPO Vietnam/YouTube Screenshot

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