No Speed Limits: Top 5 Xbox One Racing Games

No rules, no speed limit, all that matters is you and your car, if you haven’t guessed yet, now we are talking about the racing games for the Xbox One. We have compiled for you a list of the best five racing games for Xbox One and would like to share it with you. Each game is worth checking out, whether you’re a racing game enthusiast or a casual driver, these games won’t leave anyone indifferent.

No Speed Limits: Top 5 Xbox One Racing Games

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1. Burnout Paradise

Anything is possible in this racing game, you can arrange hundreds of different situations, where your enemies will literally fly away out of bridges, or simply explode heavily. The game is a racing arcade, the action takes place in a huge empty city, where there is one else except for the players and their opponents. However, in order to get a car, you need to face a number of challenges. There are hundreds of cars and motorcycles of different models, to which, by the way, the opponents also have access, thus making every race a trial, because it becomes virtually impossible to predict the behavior of the players. The game has several modes, including a career mode where participants can unlock new vehicles.

2. Wreckfest

The graphics of the game are amazing, Wreckfest is so realistic that sometimes you can’t even notice the difference between the real world and the gameplay. For those drivers who are willing to feel the real speed and get some adrenaline, we advise choosing the free play mode. Racers have to virtually travel to all the continents and drive on both the racetracks and off-roads.

3. Forza Horizon 4

You’ve probably already heard about this game, Forza Horizon is the fourth part of the arcade racing series, which is extremely popular. The tracks take place on the territory of the United Kingdom, where players are to compete in different sorts of races and contests, more than 500 unique cars were created for the players. Also, depending on the level of the game various modes are available, including off-road, circuit racing and drifting. Moreover, players can improve and customize their cars in order to stand out among the other racers.

4. Rocket League

This is probably the most extraordinary game on our list, as it is not a traditional racing game, but an arcade project that combines elements of football with battle races driving powerful vehicles. Players have to drive cars and compete to score a goal at the same time. During the process, players need to survive by fighting with other drivers not only for control of the ball, but also for the integrity of their own car.

5. DiRT 4

The lovers of creativity can definitely enjoy the racing game DiRT 4. There is an opportunity to create unique racetracks according to the parameters set by the player. There are racing tracks in Australia, Spain, the United States, Sweden and Wales, and what is more, some of them were created under the FIA World Rally cross license.

Don’t waste your time, bring your friends and get behind the wheel of the best cars. We suggest you try all the games we mentioned above and choose the best one for yourself. Hit the road!

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