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Nissan Ariya EV Wants To Be The First Car To Do A Pole-To-Pole Expedition Run

It was hard at first to accept the fact that electric vehicles are taking over. The thought of having no exhaust note and lack of a “soul” was scary enough for most buyers and enthusiasts. But the most questionable bit about electric cars was and still is its range. Yes, EVs have come a long way from making us shiver with range anxiety, to now having the assurance of finding a convenient charging station.

But there is still a thick wall to break as people as still uncertain about EVs when it comes to long-distance travel, remote locations, and cold temperatures. So Nissan has partnered up with adventurer Chris Ramsey to show the world that EVs can deliver. And for that, Ramsey is embarking on the first-ever vehicular expedition from the North Pole to the South Pole in a Nissan Ariya. Yes, you heard that right. This will be the first time a vehicle tries to go from the top to the bottom, and it is an all-electric vehicle.

It is a very ambitious task and there’s a lot at stake here. But this single rally run will help prove to the world that EVs can take anything that’s thrown at it. The guys from Arctic Trucks will be helping Ramsey modify his Nissan Ariya to be prepared for the unknown. The main goal of this expedition is to “raise awareness of sustainable lifestyles, conservation projects, and renewable energy innovation”. If Ramsey succeeds in this mission, then he’s looking at another Guinness World Record tag! And Nissan is looking at “sold-out” Ariyas.

British adventurer Chris Ramsey will be the first person ever to drive from the North to the South Pole, in the all-electric Nissan Ariya.

17,000 Miles Of Beautiful Yet Unpredictable Landscape

There’s a reason why no one has taken up the task of driving from the North to the South Pole yet. It is a treacherous path that needs a lot more than just endurance to finish. The journey starts in Antarctica and ends in the Arctic. Ramsey and his team will pass through 14 countries and 17,000 miles.

There will be sections where the vehicle would be flown or floated. And temperatures during the journey will range from as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Ramsey along with his Nissan Ariya will have to tackle thick ice, snowy glaciers, mountains, forests, and deserts.

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Chris Ramsey Loves Rallying In Electric Vehicles

Chris Ramsey is not trying to be Chris Angel Mindfreak here! Ramsey’s Pole-to-Pole expedition is not an overnight idea as he and his team have been planning it for the last four years. So, yeah, this guy is more than prepared.

Ramsey and his wife had completed the 2017 Mongol Rally in a Nissan Leaf. It was a 10,000-mile run crossing 20 countries from the UK to Siberia. He was the first person to complete the Mongol Rally in an EV. So Ramsay knows of the risks involved in using an EV for long-distance travel.

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Expedition-Ready Nissan Ariya Will Be Heavily Modified

The Nissan Ariya for this expedition will be heavily modified structurally to tackle the challenging weather and terrain conditions. Nissan and Ramsey have roped in Arctic Trucks to do this job. These guys have years of expertise in converting SUVs and pickup trucks, and making them “Pole”-ready.

The Ariya will get jacked-up with rally-grade long-travel suspension, off-road tires, and various body modifications to take a lot of beatings. The chassis might also get firmed up to endure a lot of scraping along the way. Nissan will be providing the AWD version of the Ariya that is rated for a maximum of 265 miles. This translates to a lot of charging stops along the journey, at least 70 stops for charging alone.

The powertrain layout will remain unchanged with an 87-kWh battery pack providing juice to two motors, one on each axle. The combined output is 389 hp and 442 lb-ft of torque. This journey will also prove to be the perfect testing ground for Nissan’s e-4ORCE AWD system. This jacked-up Ariya will be accompanied by an unmodified Nissan Ariya as a support vehicle. So, we will also be able to get an idea of how a retail-grade EV fares.

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Ramsey Will Embark On This Mission In March 2023

Both Ramsey’s and Nissan’s aim is to show the world that EVs can do it all. Along the route, they also plan to take up some like-minded projects like doing a school visit and showing kids the advantages of renewable energy. This mission will be a perfect showcase for Nissan to showcase its second BEV – Ariya’s capabilities.

The Nissan Leaf was its first BEV and a vehicle that disrupted the automobile landscape. While the Leaf was the most successful EV in the world till Tesla came along, we sure are sad to see Nissan taking it slow while other automakers have at least two EVs in their portfolio by now. But this Pole-to-Pole trip can be the jump start that Nissan needs. Ramsey and his team are planning to set forth this mission in March 2023.


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