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Niagara Launcher For Foldable Smartphones Is Out Of Beta

In mid-September, we reported that Niagara Launcher is getting support for foldable smartphones. At that time, you were already able to use it, though only via the beta channel. Well, now those features are available via the stable channel.

Niagara Launcher support for foldable smartphones is now out of beta

The information was shared via the official Niagara Launcher Twitter handle. You can now go to the Google Play Store and download Niagara Launcher, and it will include support for foldables. Alternatively, you can simply update it, if you already have it installed.

Do note that Niagara Launcher did work on foldables before as well, but it was not exactly optimized to take advantage of all that screen real estate. Well, now it is.

So, what’s changed? Well, this launcher will move the app list and the scrollbar a bit further away from the edges of the display. Why? Well, to make the content easier to reach for you.

It introduces dynamic icon scalling

What’s not all, though, not even close to it. The launcher also added dynamic icon scaling in this version. It can basically change the size of app icons based on the screen height. On top of that, smaller icons have also been added as an option.

The launcher also adds support for some hardware accessories, a keyboard, mouse, and stylus. On top of that, two keyboard shortcuts were added. The first one allows you to type any letter to start app search directly. The second one allows you to type in a specific number, to launch a specific app on the list (chronologically arranged).

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App Continuity has also been added

Our favorite feature this new update delivers is definitely app continuity. This feature basically allows you to switch screens without losing sight of what you were working on. So, for example, if you’re editing a document in Google Docs on the main display, and fold the device, you’ll be able to continue right there on the secondary display.

That’s pretty much everything that has been added. If you’d like to try out these new features that Niagara Launcher offers, and you have a foldable handset like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the download link is included below.

Download Niagara Launcher (Google Play Store)


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