Next Mazda MX-5 to maintain driver focus with petrol power

Crucially, he added, the next MX-5 must be a car that “people can own without worrying that they aren’t being eco-friendly”.

The packaging constraints and lightweight focus of a diminutive sports car such as the MX-5 make extensive electrification largely unviable with the technology that’s on offer today.

Even according to Mazda’s philosophy of using exclusively small batteries for EVs in order to minimise emissions from production, an electric MX-5 adopting today’s battery-cell technology would still be a much heavier car than the current model. For context, the MX-30 employs a relatively tiny 35.5kWh battery pack yet still weighs some 500kg more than the current MX-5 convertible.

Outside the engine bay, the MX-5 is tipped to draw on the “less is more” design language previewed by Mazda’s striking Vision Coupé concept, which was revealed two years after today’s MX-5 was launched and has since influenced the looks of the 3, CX-30 and MX-30.

Therefore angular LED headlights and a new-shape front grille are on the cards, although Mazda will no doubt steer away from its overtly aggressive design cues so as not to confuse the MX-5’s accessible positioning.

The overhaul will be extended to the cabin, where the roadster will be brought into line with its newer contemporaries, benefiting from Mazda’s visibly more upmarket new-age dashboard design, complete with updated infotainment, digital dials and sleeker switchgear.

Official details will be released closer to the model’s unveiling. Mazda has given no official indication of a launch date. However, based on the lengthy life cycles of previous MX-5s, it can be expected to go on sale in 2024.

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