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News came from hell to Huawei phones!

News came from hell to Huawei phones! | Technologyme

ABD With China Victim of the tension between Huawei, Google mobile services He lost his support. In the process, Huawei, which innovated Huawei Mobile Services, bridged this gap. but today HuaweiIt turns out that the new solution for s may be insufficient.

As you know, Google has Google Duo for making video calls. The whole service Male in appearance And the iOS It works on devices. It turns out that support for Google Duo, which also works on Huawei phones, will be limited soon.

Google Duo will not work on Huawei phones

According to the codes that appeared in the latest version of Google Duo Male in appearance Certificate / license Video and audio calls will not be made through the app to other devices. With the upcoming update of Google Duo, Google Duo will not be available on Huawei phones.

Huawei users With a third-party carIt can use Google apps with r. However, Google appears to be blocking this as well. In the following period Google Chrome And the YouTube Like Google apps, it may not work on Huawei phones.

If such an event happened YouTube And the Gmail Selling a phone without an app would be very difficult for Huawei. It is said that the tension between Huawei and Google will last for much longer. This is why Huawei needs to find an emergency exit.

The only punishment against Huawei is not from Google. So is Google TSMC And the Qualcomm Collaboration with Huawei has also been discontinued. This is the reason why Huawei will not produce a flagship chipset in 2021.

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