New startups to help ‘solve critical global challenges’

OurCrowd CEO Jonathan Medved says he is currently excited about a “ton on things” within the startup world as companies look to solve some of the critical global challenges.

“I’m excited about the renewal of interest in green technology investing,” he told Sky News.

“I think that it’s not just about politics and new administrations in Washington.

“But it’s about the fact that I think people realise now is the time to be investing in startups that are dealing with critical issues that are relative to climate and environment and green energy.”

Mr Medved also said, “we’re excited about healthcare and the revolution that’s going on in particular with telemedicine.

“It’s really quite remarkable, the pace of innovation.

“We really foresee a very, very bright future, not just this year, but throughout the rest of the decade where startups are going to be up and to the right.

“And are not only going to be making the smart and wise investor a great return but helping to solve some of the critical global challenges.”


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