New Lamborghini Huracan STO SC 10 Anniversario: Lambo’s race team builds a road car

Lamborghini’s motorsport division, Squadra Corse, is celebrating its tenth birthday with the new Huracan STO SC 10 Anniversario. While the motorsport team has built plenty of track-only cars, this new offering is the first that can be used on the public road. 

We have seen the Squadra Corsa name on a road-legal car before with the Gallardo Squadra Corsa of 2013 but the Huracan STO SC 10 Anniversario has been solely revised by the motorsport team. Lamborghini says it is “a demonstration of how experience gained in motorsport can be effectively transferred to the road product, enhancing performance and driving pleasure.” The Squadra Corse team has won over 50 races in the GT3 race series and several class wins in the 24 Hours of Daytona. 

The eye-catching livery is inspired by the Lamborghini’s SC63 entry into the hybrid prototype Hypercar and GTP class that’ll race from 2024. The colourway is made up of Verde Mantis and Nero Noctis with a tricolour strip that runs along the roof and the ‘cofango’ front bonnet. 

A new ‘Squadra Corse 10 Anniversario’ logo has been designed for the car and can be found on both doors and on the fin that sits above the engine bay. The Huracan STO’s carbon fibre package also features a red stripe that wraps around the lower edge of the car.

There’s a track-orientated interior with the bucket seats upholstered in black alcantara with green stitching and four-point seat belts. An exclusive plaque made from carbon fibre sits between the seats. 

The Huracan STO is already a rather stripped-out supercar that is angled more towards the track than the road but Squadra Corsa has made sure you can enjoy the V10 engine even more with an Akrapovic titanium exhaust. A pair of carbon fibre flicks have appeared on the front to aid downforce – paired with a rear wing with three degrees steeper angle. New racing-derived shock absorbers improve mechanical grip says Lamborghini and there are new tyres developed with Bridgestone specifically for the car. 

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