New ‘Arizona Sunshine 2’ Gameplay Video Shows off Campaign, Co-op & More

Vertigo Games showed off more of its upcoming zombie-slaying adventure Arizona Sunshine 2 in a new Gameplay Showcase today, featuring an extended look at the single-player campaign, co-op mode, and a first look at some new gameplay mechanics.

Update (11AM ET): In the deep dive video we get a closer look at Arizona Sunshine 2’s single-player campaign, which heavily features your four-legged pal Buddy to help you take down zombies, solve puzzles, and work as an extra inventory slot. Buddy can be commanded to move to specific places and attack targets, definitely making it feel like the creators have taken some cues from Bethesda’s Fallout 4. Thankfully, Buddy is also there for co-op too.

We also got a look at a number of weapons, all of which feature unique manual reloads, which ought to keep realism high as you scramble to pop in a fresh mag. Melee weapons, like machetes, are also present, although they can degrade as you use them, meaning you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for  tools, items for crafting, ammo and read-to-eat food to keep your health up.

Additionally, the studio announced Arizona Sunshine 2 will feature full cross-platform multiplayer functionality, a two-player co-op campaign mode, an endless Horde mode for up to four players, and more. The studio also has plans for post-launch support, including three additional Horde mode maps to be released during Year One. More details are said to arrive at a later date.

Check out the full 15-minute video below:

Original Article (5AM ET): Arizona Sunshine 2 is nearly here, launching on PSVR 2, Quest and SteamVR headsets December 7th.

In the meantime, the studio promised we’d be getting an eye-full during a special in-depth look at fresh campaign gameplay with developer commentary, all-new game details including co-op announcements, special guest appearances, never-before-seen co-op gameplay from highlighted creators, and more.

Vertigo Games will also be holding Q&A sessions across Reddit, including r/PSVR and r/OculusQuest, which should hopefully answer some of the top burning questions, such as whether we’ll see native Quest 3 footage before release, and how it might handle cross-play co-op.

The livestream kicking off today, November 17th at 8AM PT (local time here). You can tune in on YouTube and Steam.


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