Nearly new buying guide: Volkswagen Arteon

The Arteon’s interior is particularly appealing. It’s mostly shared with the Passat, but that’s no bad thing, because it’s beautifully made. An impressive 8.0in infotainment touchscreen is standard (a 9.2in configurable one is an option) next to a slick digital instrument display.

The Arteon trumps many of its rivals for space in both the front and rear. Granted, your head will be close to the roof in the back if you’re tall, due to that fancy roofline, but there’s more room than in most rivals. The boot is comparatively huge, too, and it’s made even more practical by the Arteon being a hatchback.

Prices start around the £18,000 mark for a 2017 Arteon with an above-average mileage and an entry-level petrol or diesel engine. Between £20,000 and £24,000 opens up a wider selection, while the most potent models start from £26,000.

BUYER BEWAREEngine If it’s a 1.5 TSI car fitted with a manual gearbox, check there are no hesitancy issues at low speed that cause the vehicle to ‘kangaroo’. It was a widely reported problem on early cars which VW claimed it was a developing a fix for. 

Interior Owners have reported sundry rattles and squeaks from trims and, where fitted, the sunroof.



The Arteon’s two recalls concern early cars. One was because the rear wheel bearing housing could fracture, the other because the sunroof trim might not have been bonded correctly to its frame.

The Arteon didn’t feature in the latest What Car? Reliability Survey, but the closely related Passat did. It ranked a disappointing 19th out of 22 in the executive car class, while Volkswagen came 16th of 31 manufacturers in the same survey.

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If its original list price was less than £40,000, including options, the Arteon will cost £145 per year in road tax. Over that threshold, it increases to £465. All the more reason to go for a lower-spec car.


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