Motorola Edge review | TechRadar

Two-minute review

The Motorola Edge isn’t best compared to its premium Motorola Edge Plus sibling – that phone is a fully-fledged flagship, and occupies a whole different segment of the market to the Edge – but nor is it appropriate to judge it against other Motorola phones, which are nearly all budget devices, or the top-end handsets from Nokia, Motorola’s close rival, or most other mid-range phones for that matter.

No, we’d most closely liken the Motorola Edge to the Xiaomi Mi Note 10: both are accomplished mid-range phones masquerading as premium phones in many ways, with features and specs you’d normally find exclusively on top-end phones. Both are also overshadowed by pricier and more premium siblings, in the form of the aforementioned Motorola Edge Plus and the Xiaomi Mi 10.



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