Moroccan NGOs Offer 1,000 Phones to Help Students Access Remote Education

Rabat – Moroccan social organizations Al Houda and Joud Foundation launched a campaign to distribute 1,000 mobile phones to students affected by the COVID-19 crisis during the country’s school suspension, to enable them to access remote learning materials.

Morocco suspended its schools on March 16 and decided to postpone spring break to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Following the school closures, the Moroccan Ministry of Education launched remote classes for university students on Moroccan television channels. The ministry also launched web portals for students and educators at all levels.

Some students, however, are unable to visit the online learning websites because they either do not have the digital means necessary or do not have internet access.

Al Joud and Al Houda undertook an initiative to help the students in need. The organizations gave 1,000 mobile phones to students to help them continue studies during the COVID-19 crisis.

The organizations distributed the phones to students living in Casablanca’s El Fida-Derb Sultan district, and will carry out similar campaigns in other Casablanca neighborhoods, according to Moroccan television channel 2M.

Al Houda said the campaign comes in response to King Mohammed VI’s call upon all Moroccans to show solidarity in order to contain the pandemic.

Civilians, security services, and medical staff have demonstrated solidarity amid the crisis, expressing determination to continue to fight against the virus and its proliferation.

Morocco was among the first countries worldwide to launch a nationwide lockdown in an effort to protect citizens from contamination. The country deployed forces to ensure the success of the containment campaign across Morocco.



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