MoEngage Partners with ThinkAnalytics to Deliver Hyper-Personalised Customer Experiences

MoEngage partners with ThinkAnalytics to deliver hyper-personalised customer experiences

12 September 2023 — London, UK — MoEngage, the pioneer in insights-led customer engagement, today announced its strategic partnership with ThinkAnalytics, a market-leading AI content discovery and recommendation platform.  This partnership will give media, entertainment and over the top (OTT) and streaming brands AI-based solutions to optimise omnichannel marketing campaigns and increased user engagement and content return on investment (ROI).

The strategic partnership will allow media and entertainment brands to hyper-target and personalise every viewer’s experience by blending ThinkAnalytics’ data sets on viewer preferences and audience segments, with a brand’s warehouse or customer data platform (CDP), and insights from MoEngage’s artificial intelligence (AI).  Brands can use this combined behavioural and CDP data to manage, monitor, and refresh the user experience, deepening relationships with users across social platforms, email and more.

Personalisation has become central to brand success and the days of publishers deciding and serving content they feel best fits the customer are over, because of the wealth of choice consumers have when choosing where and when to view media; the days of having a choice only between Netflix or Hulu are past us.  With so many choices available, standing out and becoming the preferred content consumption platform has become a challenging feat to achieve.  However, by personalising customer’s viewing experience from the start is a strategy for increasing engagement and conversions.  For instance, NBC found that by tailoring its app homepage to customer history, day seven retention increased 2x.  Personalised recommendations often lead to high engagement rates and loyalty between the provider and customer.  According to Deep Dive into Netflix’s Recommender System published by Towards Data Science on Medium, Netflix achieves 80% of viewing through personalised recommendations.

The strategic partnership between MoEngage and ThinkAnalytics will empower brands to optimise the customer and viewer experience, from onboarding all the way through to re-activation.  During onboarding, it enables brands to build a 360-degree profile for its anonymous users on web and app.  This in turn helps them serve personalised, dynamic, on-site and in-app messages to nudge the anonymous visitor to complete the subscription process.

The rich insights available to brands, like viewing behaviour and preferences, in addition to demographic data, helps them personalise engagement, increase platform usage, and even re-engage dormant customers.

Raviteja Dodda, CEO & Co-Founder at MoEngage, commented, “In the times we live in today, publishers no longer decide the best content to serve to their viewers and customers.  Today’s customer is used to having options available to them for everything.  This isn’t just true for the retail and E-commerce brands but also for the OTT and Entertainment industry.  Providers have to fight to get their customer’s attention and keep them coming back in this race of digital-first, highly-personalised consumer experiences.”

Samuel Sweet, International CEO at ThinkAnalytics, added, “The combination of our AI personalisation and content discovery with MoEngage’s analytics and omnichannel engagement gives customers the power to increase engagement and drive loyalty.  With common customers – such as Britbox International, Sony and Deutsche Telekom –  we can now demonstrate how such brands can benefit from our combined solutions to hyper personalise cross-channel communications and targeted marketing campaigns.”

To help brands understand the value of this partnership, the two companies will be at IBC 2023, Amsterdam, 15-18 September, on ThinkAnalytics’ booth, situated in Hall 5, Stand B82.


About MoEngage

MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform trusted by 1,200+ global consumer brands such as Ally Financial, McAfee, Flipkart, Domino’s, Nestle, Deutsche Telekom, Travelodge, and more.

MoEngage empowers marketers and product owners with insights into customer behavior and the ability to act on those insights to engage customers across the web, mobile, email, social, and messaging channels. Consumer brands across 35 countries use MoEngage to craft digital experiences for over 1 billion customers every month.

With 13 offices globally, MoEngage is backed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management, B Capital, Steadview Capital, Multiples Private Equity, Eight Roads, F-Prime Capital, Matrix Partners, Ventureast, and Helion Ventures.

MoEngage is named one of the most preferred vendors for multichannel marketing as rated by customers, with high recognition across Gartner, Forrester, and G2 reports.

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About ThinkAnalytics

ThinkAnalytics is the world leader in AI-based content discovery and viewer analytics with its Think360 product suite, which enables video service providers, studios, broadcasters, and media companies to deliver personalized experiences to their users.

Delivering content discovery and viewer insights to over 85 service providers serving approximately 475 million subscribers in 43 languages with 8 billion recommendations per day, ThinkAnalytics is the largest independent content discovery platform. Customers include Liberty Global, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, DirecTV Latin America, HBO Max, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), Bell Media, BritBox International, Crunchyroll, Astro, Intigral, MBC, OSN, Proximus, Rogers, Tata Play, TELUS, and Mediacorp.

Proven results show a significant uplift in viewer engagement, reduced churn and lower operation costs. Its complementary ThinkAdvertising solution creates contextual intelligence about viewers for hyper-targeted audience segmentation by blending first-party behavioral data with enriched metadata to create new advertising revenues. ThinkAnalytics boasts an Emmy Award for Technology and Engineering for excellence in engineering creativity.

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