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Model Bridget Malcolm reveals all the ways giving up alcohol has helped her

Australian model Bridget Malcolm has shared how giving up alcohol has helped her feel “happier” “fitter” and “much more positive” on her social media.

The 29-year-old, who appeared in two Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, revealed the benefits of going teetotal in a Q&A surrounding sobriety on Instagram on Monday.

Malcolm revealed that she had been two years sober to the day and spoke positively of the effects of giving up alcohol on her mental and physical well-being.

When asked if she missed drinking Malcolm said that “overall life is so much more chill” and she is “much happier” and “much healthier” since she gave up alcohol.

“I’m happier, I’m much more positive, I have way more time in the day, I’m fitter,” Malcolm said when asked about the biggest change she had seen since choosing to remain sober.

She added that it was easier to “be healthy” and that she was “eating well”, and continued by saying she feels “more optimistic” and even has “better friendships with [her] friends”.

“Apart from this giant f**king pimple on my chin, my skin cleared up,” the Perth native said. “My bodyweight stopped … it stayed very steady.”

The model added that since giving up drinking she sleeps and concentrates better and she has much more self confidence.

When asked if she considered herself as having had an “alcohol problem”, Malcolm said she was “using it to not cope with what I needed to cope with in my life”.

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“That is a problem,” she said, adding: “I don’t do that anymore obviously.”

Malcolm, who has been open with her struggles with an eating disorder and unhealthy dieting practices, explained that she thought her issues with food and alcohol were interlinked.

In a candid blog post in 2018, Malcolm announced that she had quit dieting altogether after 12 years of restricting her food and working out intensely in a bid to meet the fashion industry’s standards.

“I think the food issues and substance abuse issues, it’s all the same issue, it’s just on a spectrum,” she explained.

For anyone struggling with the issues raised in this piece, eating disorder charity Beat’s helpline is available 365 days a year on 0808 801 0677.

NCFED offers information, resources, and counselling for those suffering from eating disorders, as well as their support networks. Visit or call 0845 838 2040.


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