Microsoft will change Diagnostic Data (Telemetry) Naming in Windows 10

Microsoft released a new build to the Windows 10 Insider channel recently which brings the build number to 19577.

The accompanying blog post highlights the changes in that version and the very first entry reveals that Microsoft will change diagnostic data naming in future versions of Windows 10.

Windows 10’s Settings application lists two different diagnostic data levels currently. The levels, Basic and Full, determine how much data is collected and transferred to Microsoft. Generally known as Telemetry data, it has been at the center of controversy surrounding Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system.

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According to the announcement, both Basic and Full settings will be renamed in upcoming versions of Windows 10 starting with Insider versions this month (subject to change). Basic will be renamed to required, and full to optional.

The company notes:

As part of the Microsoft initiative to increase transparency and control over data, we’re making some changes to the Settings app and Group Policy settings that will start showing up in Windows Insider builds this month. Basic diagnostic data is now known as Required diagnostic data and Full diagnostic data is now Optional diagnostic data.

A post on Microsoft’s answers forum reveals plans to change the Enterprise-only Telemetry levels Security and Enhanced as well. According to it, Enhanced is going to be removed and Security renamed to Diagnostic Data Off.

  • Security diagnostic data becomes Daignostic Data Off.
  • Basic diagnostic data becomes Required diagnostic data.
  • Enhanced diagnostic data is removed.
  • Full diagnostic data becomes Optional diagnostic data.

Microsoft will provide “more granular” Group Policy settings to commercial customers to better configure the data that is collected in the organization. Details about these improved Group Policy settings have not been published yet but will be made available “closer to the retail release”.

Organizations who have set diagnostic data collecting to Enhanced, one of the options only available in Enterprise editions of Windows 10, need to change the level on PCs running Insider builds as these won’t be provided with future flights if diagnostic data collecting is set to Enhanced.

To continue receiving Insider build updates, devices need to be set to Full diagnostic data (Optional diagnostic data).

It appears that the planned changes only affect the names of the diagnostic data levels but not what is being collected. The only change to that comes in the form of new Group Policy options that organizations will have access to.

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Microsoft will change Diagnostic Data (Telemetry) Naming in Windows 10

Article Name

Microsoft will change Diagnostic Data (Telemetry) Naming in Windows 10


Microsoft plans to rename the three Windows 10 Telemetry settings Security, Basic, and Full, and remove the Enhanced level in future Windows 10 versions.


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