Microsoft reveals major Windows 10 news as the end of Windows 7 supports nears

has just announced that its operating system is now installed on 800 million PCs across the world.

That huge number is up by over 100 million from six months ago and finally shows that this latest OS is overtaking Windows 7 in popularity.

Microsoft is aiming to have one billion people using its Windows 10 software within the next year and that number now looks highly likely.

The uptake is no doubt to do with the plethora of new features that Microsoft continues to roll out but there may be another reason people are making the switch.

The US firm recently announced that it will end support for Windows 7 next year.

In a post on its website, Microsoft confirmed: “All good things must come to an end, even Windows 7.

“After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7.

“But you can keep the good times rolling by moving to Windows 10.”

After the January 14 date, Windows 7 will continue to work but Microsoft has warned that PCs will become more vulnerable to security risks as users will stop receiving security and feature updates.

The news of this surge in Windows 10 usage comes as a major new update is expected to arrive in the coming months.

It’s thought Microsoft could reveal its next upgrade in April with features including a better Start Menu, improved Cortana and a new Light theme which will make the desktop look lighter and less cluttered.

Back in December Microsoft also released a preview build for Windows 10 that introduced a new feature called Windows Sandbox.

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Sandbox has been described by the American tech giant as a “lightweight desktop environment” that has been designed for users to test “untrusted software”.

Essentially, Sandbox is an isolated desktop that should prevent the user’s device from being harmed if tested programmes are malicious.

Expect more news about the April update in the coming weeks.


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