Microsoft delivers a light Patch Tuesday for June – Computerworld


This month, Microsoft released one critical update (CVE-2024-30080) and 32 patches rated as important for Windows, covering the following key components: 

  • Windows Win32 Kernel Subsystem, GRFX and drivers
  • Networking (Wii-fi) and DHCP
  • Storage and Error Reporting
  • Crypto and BitLocker

The critical-rated patch relates to the core, but not often used, Message Queuing service (MSMQ) that could affect internal applications. Unusually, this patch has already been updated since the main release on Tuesday. That said, the Readiness team believes all these Windows patches can be added to your standard release schedule.

Microsoft Office 

There were no critical updates for Office this month, and only five patches rated as important. All five have low potential for exploitability (no worms, add-in vulnerabilities or Word macro issues) and should be added to your regular Microsoft Office update schedule.


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