Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says not all big tech is big tech

So, what do our business and technology reporters think about Microsoft’s role in the broader tech ecosystem?

Are Microsoft the ‘good guys’, or is it not really that simple?

The Australian Financial Review technology editor Paul Smith said “I want to know how he sees Microsoft in this big global fight about ‘good tech’ versus ‘bad tech’, because they’ve certainly been on the ‘good’ side.”

The Sydney Morning Herald business reporter Colin Kruger reflected that it’s almost like Microsoft is now the “George Bush of US Presidents”.

“They used to be the bad guys right? But when you look at what’s come along …”

The Australian Financial Review technology columnist John Davidson adds that he is more skeptical of Microsoft’s role in the big tech landscape.

“But there hands aren’t as clean as they ought to be. They should be as clean as Apple, but they’re not. They’re moving in to collecting more and more user data from people using Windows, and people don’t know what they’re signing up for,” he mused.

“Like, Windows now tracks everything you do on your desktop. Every window and document you open. And that’s a bit too Google-like for my taste. And I want someone to put that to him. He’s arguing that every time you don’t analyse data is a missed opportunity, but in this climate, maybe you should be keeping your hands off data.”


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