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Metaverses, NFTs and Cryptocurrencies: How the OliveX Fitness Metaverse is Bringing Move-to-Earn to the Masses through Web3.0

Metaverses, NFTs and Cryptocurrencies: How the OliveX Fitness Metaverse is Bringing Move-to-Earn to the Masses through Web3.0

With its recent meteoric rise within the mainstream public consciousness, the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs have begun to have an increased influence on everyday life. Coupled with a renewed importance of personal health and wellbeing following the coronavirus pandemic, the emerging proposition from OliveX to combine fitness with tech could be a marriage made in the metaverse.

With a goal to onboard a billion people on their fitness journey, the global digital fitness company is incentivising gamers and fitness individuals to earn DOSE – OliveX’s utility token – and NFTs by completing missions within its titular audio-based move-to-earn blockchain, Dustland Runner. 

The game encourages users to run varying distances in the real world with their smartphones in hand, earning virtual rewards that can be further utilised to level up characters, increase rewards or be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. The game is inspired by an earlier smartphone running app called Zombies, Run!, created by London-based game developers Six to Start, which OliveX acquired in March 2021.

And it’s not just stopping at running either. The organisation is also deep in development with gaming platform Sol Cycle to launch its upcoming cycling app, Dustland Rider, to soon become the next title and evolution in the OliveX ecosystem of move-to-earn apps. The company is aiming to replicate their efforts into other popular sports such as boxing and rowing too, truly making it the go-to brand for rewarding exercise and effort with crypto and NFTs.

Following the somewhat sedentary lifestyle that the coronavirus pandemic brought on for a large number of individuals globally, due in part to the sudden move to working from home, OliveX is positioned as one of the market leaders in incentivising people across the spectrum to move more and become healthier.

Thanks to its strategic partnership with global giant Animoca Brands, OliveX is now venturing into the gaming market, utilising the relationship with another member of the Animoca family, The Sandbox, to create an interoperable ecosystem of fitness, combining Dustland Runner and Rider, DOSE and it’s own Fitness Metaverse to make real-world rewards a utility in the digital world.

With move-to-earn at the core of OliveX’s mission, its soon-to-be released Fitness Metaverse within The Sandbox will see strategic brand partnerships with organisations and brands from the physical fitness industry replicated, promoted and accessed via the metaverse. 

To date, the OliveX Fitness Metaverse has signed up leading fitness brands to it’s metaverse, including MyZone, Gym Aesthetics, TRIB3, Salsation, GO24 Fitness, Stages Cycling, Cycliq, PlayInnovation, TRAX, hero, and Fitafy, with more still to come.

The Fitness Metaverse provides those brands with an opportunity to tap into the blockchain and gaming communities that don’t necessarily interact with fitness in the physical world and opens up a new target audience for partners to engage with. Utilising the gamification of fitness, OliveX plans to incorporate all its fitness partners into the digital space to expose as many people to health, fitness and wellbeing as possible, with the overall goal of encouraging more people to get physically active. 

Each of the fitness partner brands will have their own dedicated space within OliveX’s metaparcels of land within The Sandbox which best represents their brand, service or products. For example, gym operators GO24 Fitness may have a replica of their own gym in the digital world but have an NFT that sits alongside it which provides membership/entry to their real-world facilities, or a Gym Aesthetics branded piece of merchandise which you could purchase for your gaming avatar, but that you also receive physically in the post.The opportunities available to both OliveX and it’s partners are limitless. 

The Fitness Metaverse’s first NFT project, which forms part of the overall Fitness Metaverse play is with German-based athleisure brand Gym Aesthetics, and sees a collection of 5 digital avatars created around Gym Aesthetics’ brand ambassadors – including five-time Muay Thai World Champion Alain Ngalani – to bring it’s fitness community into the world of web3.0, and vice versa. The project, which has received overwhelming support and backing, is now live on The Sandbox and is expected to sell out with minting just a couple of weeks away.

Once available for playability in The Sandbox Alpha 4 later this year, the Fitness Metaverse will also play a big role in the OliveX ecosystem, allowing users of Dustland Runner and Dustland Rider the opportunity to utilise their earned rewards – DOSE – within the digital world in the shape of mini-games, upgrades and digital assets.

Through the creation of a totally connected ecosystem, OliveX is providing users with a method of earning cryptocurrency through move-to-earn, and also a way to spend it for both financial, social, physical and mental benefit while supplying both digital and real-world utility.

The sudden interest and movement towards the web3.0 world comes after Facebook’s rebranding to “Meta” last year which quickly prompted investment and intrigue from many of the world’s leading tech giants, gaming developers, sports organisations, music labels and consumer brands quick to make their intentions known. Globally-recognised brands such as Google, Microsoft, Disney, NBA, Epic Games, and Sony Music, to name but a few, have recently thrown their weight behind the next iteration of the internet.

With its strategy deep-rooted within three booming industries that are so well intertwined with one another, and with a heavy dependency on technology and innovation, OliveX is positioning itself well by combining physical fitness with mobile video games that incorporate blockchain technology and thus providing a truly unique offering to get people moving.

About OliveX

OliveX is a digital health and fitness company delivering unique user experiences through fitness gamification, augmented reality, and move-to-earn experiences. As a digital lifestyle company, OliveX aims to improve the integration of technology with fitness to create an interactive fitness metaverse. The OliveX Fitness Metaverse provides platforms that enable real-world fitness to merge with the digital universe the opportunity to connect consumers with brands, influencers, and coaches in more than 170 countries.


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