Menahga City Council hires investment firm

City Administrator Curt Kreklau highly recommended the firm, which manages bonds, debt, municipal money market funds and more.

“It looks like a wonderful program,” Kreklau said, noting the city already has a 4M account. “It would be very simple for us to implement this.”

The council approved the proposal unanimously.

In February, the council directed city administration to input all 2020 financial information into an accounting program in order to complete the 2020 audit.

Last week, Kreklau said all of the 2020 data in the city’s accounting software, called Banyon, is correct. All bank accounts are reconciled. His report to the council stated, “We lost significant reporting capability in October 2019. When we upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in the fall, the 32-bit to 64-bit conflicting version exacerbated the database problems.”

The council approved Eide Bailly LLP as forensic accountants to review the city’s financial data and confirm that it is correct. Consulting service fees are not to exceed $5,000.

Kreklau noted that Sourcewell would pay for 50 percent of Abdo, Eick & Meyers (AEM) LLP’s work, up to a cap of $7,500.

Mayor Liz Olson said AEM worked with the city in 2019, so she’d prefer an independent perspective.

Council member Art Huebner objected, since AEM was the cheaper option.

Council member Durwin Tomperi said it wouldn’t make sense to have AEM perform forensic work on their own accounting. “You have to be independent, so you didn’t touch anything. It’s got to be fresh eyes,” Tomperi said.

The motion passed 3-1-1, with Huebner opposing and council member Robyn Keranen abstaining. Keranan said she didn’t have enough information.

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In other business, the council did as follows:

  • Learned that Greenwood Connections Administrator Laura Ahlf, due to the difficulty in finding nursing staff, compared the facility’s wages to other long-term facilities of comparable size in the region. “We are a little bit lower,” she said of LPN and RN wages, adding that Greenwood Connections did not give cost-of-living increases in 2021. Ahlf will compile information for wage adjustments for the April board meeting.

  • Kreklau reported that the city attorney questioned the council’s decision to charge fees to a council member who consults the attorney without prior authorization. Kreklau said the process is very straightforward. The likelihood of an emergency is “miniscule,” he continued, adding it’s “so highly unlikely” that a council member would call without approval “as to be immaterial.”

  • Kreklau said the temporary accounting help has been going well and is helping at the liquor store as well following the resignation of the assistant manager.

  • Approved a $2,219 quote from ProContractors to repair the public works building’s roof.

  • Approved laptop updates for council members at $138 per unit.

  • Approved the appointment of Keaton School to the Menahga Fire Department.


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