McVitie’s hides giant Jaffa Jonuts sculpture in UK cities

McVitie’s will be hiding a giant Jaffa Jonut sculpture in cities around the UK.

Launching today (7 October) in London, the activity encourages people who like Jaffa Cakes  – “Jaffanatics” – to find the giant Jonut, which has been created as an exact replica of the treat, scan a QR code on the model and redeem a free pack in-store.

Clues as to where to find the sculpture will be posted on Jaffa Cakes’ social media channels, to direct people to the popular location where it has been hidden in each city.

The “Giant Jaffa Jonut hunt” will take place in London today and tomorrow (7 and 8 October); Birmingham on 9 October and Cardiff on 16 October. Clues can be found at @jaffacakesofficial on Instagram and @jaffacakes on Facebook and Twitter.

The giant sculpture of the Jaffa Cakes snack took a team of 10 people four weeks to build. A twist on the original McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, Jaffa Jonuts feature Jaffa Cakes’ layers of dark chocolate, sponge and orange-flavoured filling, but in a doughnut-shaped ring. 

Sarah Babb, marketing manager for McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes at Pladis UK and Ireland, said: “We’re always looking for new ways to surprise our Jaffanatics – and what better way than gifting thousands of Jaffa Jonuts? We wanted to supersize the fun for fans, who we hope will like the giant version of our doughnut-fusion snack as much as we do.”

Because is delivering the experience with creative support from TBWALondon. Social is by Manning Gottlieb OMD and PR is by Taylor Herring.

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In September TBWALondon created an out-of-home campaign for the cake-doughnut hybrid. The tongue-in-cheek ads declare “Be what you want to be“, a subtle reference to a 1991 court case between Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise (a precursor to HM Revenue & Customs) and McVitie’s, which ruled that a Jaffa Cake was a cake not a biscuit and could therefore avoid VAT.


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