May These Missing ‘Sword and Shield’ Pokemon Rest in Peace

Pokemon Sword and Shield are finally here, and as more folks get their hands on the first core Pokemon RPGs for Nintendo Switch, a lot of the controversy that plagued these games since their reveal has slowly faded away. I had plenty of issues with the games, but most of them paled in comparison to how close it gets to being the lush open-world Pokemon adventure of our dreams.

The downside is that only 400 Pokemon, about half of all the creatures, have come along for the ride. Like I said, this doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it bothers some very angry people. I would rather the developers focus on other parts of the game than carrying over nearly a thousand redundant monsters. Just make new ones! But I’m not so heartless that I don’t feel some pain about the friends we lost along the way.

Pour one out for these Pokemon missing in Sword and Shield…  if you aren’t a hacker.


Bulbasaur was my original partner Pokemon in the first games. Cutting it basically means cutting my heart.


Considering Pokemon Let Go already created HD models of all original 151 Pokemon, it’s wild to me that any of them got cut. But missing this big tongue boi really stings.


This Pokemon is actually named Snivy, but Smugleaf is just too accurate. Maybe it was its bad attitude that spelled its doom.


Not just the first great Pokemon villain, but perhaps the only Pokemon with any real compelling pathos. Mewtwo deserves to just chill on its clone island.

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Meltan is a brand new Pokemon who debuted in Let’s Go. We thought for sure this was a tease for its full appearance the next generation. But nope!


Wild how a Pokemon can make the cut for Super Smash Bros. but not a Pokemon game. We stan a dark frog ninja.


This ghost owl sniper is one of the cooler grass evolutions in years, and at least it got its due in the Switch version of Pokken Tournament.


Nintendo heard you like Mudkip, so they got rid of them.


Buzzwole is such a perfect name for this buff bug ultra beast that I constantly think I made it up. But nope, that’s what they really call it.


In Detective Pikachu there’s a scene where Loudred hang out with Diplo in an underground Pokemon fighting ring. Put it in the game!


In the very first episode of the Pokemon anime, the legendary Ho-Oh appeared, teasing second-generation Pokemon before the first even started and showing us just how wonderful and mysterious this world can be.


Arceus is literally Pokemon God. We understand that it’s just too powerful for humble Pokemon England.


This psychic duck with chronic headaches seems like a low-tier Pokemon mascot at this point. I personally know lots of people concerned about its absence.

Plush Sleepy Cubone


Considering dead mothers are the origins of all Cubone, this Pokemon is already accustomed to loss.


Jigglypuff is probably more offended about being cut than we could ever be. It’s going to sing the developers to sleep and draw on their faces with a marker.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield’s bravest act of political commentary has nothing to do with Brexit. Instead, the game ditches the original happy pink version of Corsola for a sad colorless version that involves into ghost-type Cursola. This reflects how climate change is killing coral in oceans around the globe.

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