Marvel Continues Its Augmented Reality Rampage with Iron Man Robot for ‘Avengers: Endgame’ « Mobile AR News :: Next Reality

Already a dominant force at the box office, Marvel Studios appears intent on establishing itself as the ruler of augmented reality media as well.

After licensing Iron Man to Hasbro for the Hero Vision Iron Man AR Helmet as a tie-in to Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel has returned to the AR well for Avengers: Endgame with the Iron Man MK50 Robot from Ubtech, which was unveiled on Tuesday.

Image via Ubtech

With the companion mobile app for iOS and Android acting as the control interface, users can control the walking and talking robot in augmented reality wargames and missions. Using their mobile device’s camera, users can also insert their likeness on a display beneath Iron Man’s helmet.

Among the non-augmented reality features of the toy are fully-controllable motors, lights, and sound and an “Iron Guard Protocol” that reacts to sound and light, among other features.


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