Martin Lewis urges families to get ‘no-brainer’ energy tariff which saves £50 on bills | Personal Finance | Finance

As it stands, someone with typical usage will pay £1,781 a year on this tariff compared with £1,834 a year on the energy price cap.

However, it should be noted that a household’s final bill and rate will vary depending on their usage and region.

In order to get this deal, potential customers will need to have a smart meter or agree to have one installed.

As well as this, there are exit fees attached and households will have to pay £50 for dual-fuel or £25 for electricity-only to leave early.

Lewis’ broke down the rates for gas and electricity on the tariff until December 31 and between January 1 to March 31, 2024.

For gas before the New Year, households on the “Pledge” tariff will pay 6.68p unit rate per kilowatt hour (kWh) to the price cap’s 6.89p kWh.

From January 1, E.on Next’s “Pledge” customer shall pay 7.20p kWh while the price cap is 7.42p kWh.

Rates for electricity on the tariff will be 26.43p kWh against the energy price cap’s 27.35 kWh before the New Year, with these rates rising to 27.69p kWh and 28.62p kWh, respectively.

On his show, Lewis explained: “That works out to be three percent cheaper. The bigger the user you are, the more you benefit as it is a discount on the unit rate.

“Who can get it? You have to be paying by direct debit, it is duel fuel or electricity only, you do need a smart meter or you need to agree to get one if you’re signing up for it.

“It does have early exit penalties if you leave within the year but £25 per fuel is not much compared to everything else.

“If you’re the type of person staying on the price cap and you’re happy to go on E.on Next, this is quite simply a three percent saving over the next year. No-brainer.”


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