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Luna Display for Windows

Luna Display from Astropad is a neat product that turns your iPad into a wireless second display monitor. And while it was initially only available for the Mac, this week, the company announced full support for Windows machines, making it more useful than ever. Yes, this little gadget will turn your iPad into a wireless second monitor for a Windows PC.

While this product is nothing new, Apple eventually launched a competing product which gave them some trouble. Earlier this year, Luna added Thunderbolt and Ethernet support to the Target Display Mode for Mac, and now they’re taking things a step further by expanding to another platform.

To be accurate, the Luna Display update to version 5.0 adds support for Windows PCs. So if you already have a Luna, wait for the update, and you’re all set.

Luna makes a small dongle that sends the signal to your iPad, enabling it to act as a secondary display for those new to the product. Those dongles are available in USB-C, Mini DisplayPort, or HDMI. So make sure you’re on the latest software, plug the dongle into your PC with HDMI or USB-C, and give it a try.

Astropad originally promised this update would arrive back in May, but it faced a few delays along the way. That said, it’s better late than never. If you have a spare iPad lying around and want a secondary screen for Windows, this is a great option.

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