Looking for fun and safe games for your kids? Check out these three

There’s no doubt that kids love spending most of their time online. They chat on social media platforms and play games. However, the internet exposes your kid to numerous risks. As such, here are three of the best kids games for iPhone that will not only engage your child but are also fun and safe.

Check out some of the best iPhone games for your kid:

  1. Zombie Farm

Zombie Farm is one of the best iPhone games 2019. It’s comparable to Facebook’s Farmville but with a Zombie twist. With this game, you can cultivate, plant, and reap everything ranging from fruits, vegetables, and zombies. And what’s more? Many other features enable you to attack your enemies and share your farming expertise on Facebook.

  1. Tap Tap Revenge 3

Tap Tap Revenge 3 is the best free iPhone games of all time. It’s a musical sport whereby you tap on your screen, depending on the rhythm of the song. It comprises of many free lyrics from different artists. Moreover, it enables you to chat live with others on the game only ads.

  1. Jelly Car

The Jelly car is one of the best games for iPhone. It’s exciting and straightforward to play. It takes you through different worlds with your squishy vehicle. It also has additional features like touch and tilt controls, and it can also convert your car momentarily, permitting you to navigate through the world.


Obviously, there are many great kids games for iPhone, but these three are a great start. For the ones that permit your child to chat with others or access social media platforms you should always monitor your child while they play as this helps ensure that your kid doesn’t use the opportunity to access inappropriate materials online.

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Below is an infographic that also highlights some popular apps that are making waves online with kids. Beware of some of these apps as they can lead to cyberbullying (among other things).


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