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Logitech M240 Silent review: Soft touch and smooth rolls

Rating: 4 out of 5

Rs. 1,595

Full review of the Logitech M240 a compact wireless mouse that’s also silent.

Logitech M240The mouse was showing in the Bluetooth tray from which I could connect it directly to the MacBook in a second (Image credit: Nandagopal Rajan/Indian Express)

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I rarely use a mouse along with my MacBook. But there are times, especially when working on large Google Sheets or on Canva when I am craving for one. And also, as someone who used to make lots of pages a day, I know there are some tasks where the mouse cannot be replaced. With the new Logitech M240 Silent, I wanted to see how it works with the new MacBooks which have just USB-C ports for accessories.

But the Logitech M240 Silent surprised me in a good way. I was setting up the mouse and searching for the USB adapter inside it to connect to the MacBook when I realised this part was missing. There was even a slot inside the mouse that could fit a dongle like this. That’s when I thought I should see if this mouse had indeed moved on and dropped the need for a USB dongle. And indeed it had. The mouse was showing in the Bluetooth tray from which I could connect it directly to the MacBook in a second.

The Logitech M240 Silent is a very compact mouse that fits easily in a three-finger grip when you are working. This is not the type of mouse you would rest your hands on, more the type that is moved around with fingers. It is also a simple mouse with just the left and right clickers along with a page roller. Under it, there is a power button and a connecting button, along with the slot of the batteries.

But why is this one called Logitech M240 Silent? Well, use this for a minute and you realise why. Your clicks on the mouse don’t translate into any sound. It is almost unnatural. But working on the new MacBook Air M2 for instance, this makes so much sense as both are silent devices. As laptops move away from the clickety-clack of their keyboards, it is only natural that the mouse too plays along. Even the roller is silent and often you are trying to see if it is even working.

The Logitech M240 is compact enough to be lost inside a laptop bag so that you will have no trouble carrying it around. The company claims the AA cell inside will last 18 months — I think it will if you use a good one. At Rs 1,595 the Logitech M240 Silent is a worthy investment for those who need a mouse by their side always.

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First published on: 11-06-2023 at 11:17 IST


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