LiveReach Media Introduces Social Distancing Technology for Small Businesses, Retailers, Transportation Hubs, and Venues

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–()–LiveReach Media (LRM) has released new updates to its motion analytics platform and digital signage software. Using easy-to-deploy sensors and sophisticated artificial intelligence, the LRM solution measures distances between humans in real-time and discerns customer demographic information. LRM’s digital signage software now comes pre-loaded with COVID-19 content and creatives so that venues can use their new or existing digital screens to communicate public health and safety reminders.

Pairing both technologies, LRM triggers content and creatives based on real-time data. For example, if customers are in overly close proximity to each other, digital signs can remind them to keep a safe distance. In addition, venue operators can receive customized text or email-based alerts to help monitor social distancing.

Grocery stores worldwide have begun piloting LRM’s technology to automate decision-making, including restricting customer entry based on in-store density. The LRM solution reduces expense and increases employee safety.

A number of airports have expressed interest in LRM’s comprehensive platform. Unlike competing solutions, LRM’s solution measures distances in real-time and allows for proactive and customized care according to age group risk through demographic identification. Personal data is never stored or sent to the cloud and the system has undergone rigorous privacy audits and was found to be GDPR compliant.

The solution can also quickly adapt to new requirements such as counting the number of people who are wearing a mask. Customers simply share new questions they want answered about their space and LRM’s system quickly trains itself using deep-learning techniques to meet these requests.

“Our customer-centric approach and flexibility with our technical architecture is what makes us unique. The value is simply undeniable – accurate insights, lightning quick deployment, and customizable datasets.” – Abhi Jain, LiveReach Media, Co-Founder


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