Life after death: NDE survivor watched ‘video of my life’ as he died for 20 minutes | Science | News

Scott Drummond was clinically dead for twenty minutes in a near-death experience that sparked fresh debate on the afterlife. Mr Drummond said the experience helped him realise “where I’m sitting with my family and where I am placed with my Father in Heaven”.

Speaking on Prioritze Your Life, Mr Drummond explained how, as the procedure began, he felt something going up his arm and it crossing into his heart before seeing his own body from above and watching the operation.

He added: “I wasn’t by myself I had someone right beside me watching.

“And I don’t know if this is normal or not but I watched every stitch that was put into my thumb.

“I watched the nurse go running out of the room saying that I killed him, which was I’m sure put a lot of fear in her mind that what she did didn’t work.

“Even though I never did see the person next to me, I sat right next to him as if I knew that person.

“And everything was done through the mind, there was no talking.

“I could hear what the doctor was doing but I could never hear mouth-to-mouth what was being said with the person and it was next to me.”

Mr Drummond then recalled being told it was time to go and to never look back again.


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