Lehighton man creates internet sensation, sharing drinks on his virtual dive bar

A Carbon County man is using the pandemic to bring people together. And he’s created a social media internet sensation. Travis Lindenmoyer of Lehighton designed a place on Facebook where people can share a drink together since all the bars are closed.

It started out as something local, but now has members from all 50 states and over 60 different countries. News 13s Dominic Barone joins us live from home with more on this social media phenomenon.

Travis Lindenmoyer was laid off from his job and started “Honest Trav’s Virtual Dive Bar” on Facebook so he could still see his friends and family while having a drink. It started out with a coupe hundred people, but over the last two months it’s grown. They are now celebrating over 60,000 members and counting.

“It’s really taken on a life of it’s own. and the fact that it has that many people. It’s humbling, man. It really is just purely humbling.” Travis Lindenmoyer said.

Travis Lindenmoyer from Lehighton admits he was having some anxiety when the world shut down, so he started Honest Trav’s Virtual Dive Bar. What started with a bunch of people shotgunning beers turned into something completely different. It’s a community of people coming together to eliminate the loneliness. No politics, no arguing. He said this is how social media was meant to be.

“If you leave any type of nasty, negative comment you’re just gone. We don’t do drama. We don’t argue. We don’t hop in the inboxes. We don’t go back and forth. It’s just all love.” Lindenmoyer said.

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You can enjoy the dive bar without having a single drink. There’s topic chatrooms, live entertainment and people making food. Travis went live from an animal rescue showing off exotic creatures, and raising 4,000 dollars just through dive bar member donations. He said people message him saying how the bar saved their mental health.

He said, “You know, that’s heavy to me. It’s all about people right now. It’s all about trying to make everyone just smile and feel good.”

The dive bar sees over a thousand posts a day with people so happy to be part of it.

“Thank you everybody for everything that you’ve done to make this thing as great as it is today.” said Matt Kusko from Summit Hill

But Travis can’t thank his virtual patrons enough for changing *his* life.

“All these 60,000 people say that I saved them. The truth is they all saved me.” Lindenmoyer said, “They have reinvented me. I haven’t felt this good. I don’t know ever if I felt this good. I wake up every single day and I love what I do.”

After 17 years of being in the car business, he now wants to open up his own real life dive bar and try becoming a stand-up comedian. Go join Honest Trav’s Virtual Dive Bar and see what it’s all about.



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