Latest Regulations from Argentina’s Cannabis Agency Look Toward the Future of the Industry

Argentina’s latest cannabis law established new regulations for its cannabis industry framework.

Argentina, which legalized medical cannabis and hemp in 2022, created the Regulatory Agency for the Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis Industry (ARICCAME) in January of this year to promote and administer the country’s cannabis industry, and on August 4th the agency released a decree outlining several new regulations that will be enacted (1,2).

“The publication of this decree marks the dawn of a new age in Latin America when it comes to industrial hemp and cannabis,” said Lorenzo da Silva, President of the Latin American Industrial Hemp Association (LAIHA) (1). “Argentina, due to its geographical positioning and land availability, long history in agriculture and a commodity-centered economy, is the most suitable country in all of Latin America to develop a sturdy and sustainable hemp industry.”

The decree itself echoed the promotion of the various advantageous positions of Argentina to produce cannabis and hemp (1). The government has stated that it aims to use cannabis production to improve regional economies, enhance its exports, and improve product development and research (1).

As newly mandated, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) limit for hemp is set at 1% (1). Cannabidiol (CBD) products remain legal only as imports for patients (1). Cannabis will be permitted for medical purposes, veterinary use, nutritional and cosmetic uses, plus research (3).

The ARRICAME is intended to unify the administrative process of the industry and will oversee consumer safety, promote scientific research, and work with institutions of higher learning and state agencies (1). A new 20-person advisory board for the ARRICAME must include representatives from various relevant organizations and half of the members must be either women or transgender (1).

“There is no possibility of industry development without a federal perspective of support for regional economies with added value,” explained Gabriel Giménez, a board member of ARICCAME (2). “We have the opportunity to create quality employment, impact on the domestic market, and, above all, decent wages. That is already a concrete possibility. We have the responsibility to bring industrial hemp to small and medium-sized producers.”


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