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Kryptotel Fz Llc Offers Users an Encrypted Smartphone for Secure Communications

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Feb. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — KryptoPhone – an encrypted smartphone for secure communication – introduced by a Dubai based cyber-security firm, allows users to communicate securely by transmitting their data through an encrypted tunnel. With KryptoPhone, users can make encrypted voice and video calls, send and receive encrypted messages and emails, and thereby make all communication from a user safe and secure.

KryptoPhone is the brainchild of Samuele Landi, a known cyber-security specialist in the region, who works as a General Manager and a lead software developer at Kryptotel, a Dubai-based secure communications firm that is behind KryptoPhone. “KryptoPhone employs a strong military-grade encryption besides other important security features which make voice, video, instant messaging and email communication highly secure for a user,” says Samuele Landi.

Samuele Landi, a veteran software developer with over three decades of expertise, is considered to be a master in encryption. Samuele explains, “Security & privacy should not only be a focus area for organizations but for individuals also. It is high time individuals are also made aware of the importance of online security and privacy. We need to empower masses with products and solutions that enhance their security and privacy.” He further goes on to say, “Privacy is not an option today, it is a basic necessity for everyone.”

Going with his mission of enhancing security and privacy of individuals, Samuele Landi introduced KryptoPhone a few years back. KryptoPhone is an encrypted smartphone which comes preloaded with encrypted communication suite developed by Kryptotel. KryptoPhone’s encrypted communication suite allows a user to communicate in a safe and secure manner.

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The 2019 version of KryptoPhone is based on the latest BlackBerry KEY2, the most secure Android smartphone with enhanced security and privacy features built-in. With impressive improvements, BlackBerry Key2 comes with Android OS 8.1 Oreo by default, it has a superior battery which lasts up to 2 days, an improved user-interface, and better voice quality even on satellite internet connection or low mobile coverage. KryptoPhone customizes the phone OS and interface, keeping only approved-apps along with Kryptotel’s encrypted communication suite preloaded on it.

More details about KryptoPhone are available on its official website: Besides KryptoPhone, the company has various other secure communication products which are listed on their website:

Media Contact: Samuele Landi 
Phone: +971- 44 – 531170

SOURCE Kryptotel fz llc

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