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Good news and bad news. First the good.

Joy Amaro is the first (and only?) homeless service provider to actually step up and do something for the people moved out of Bidwell. Good for her. We wish her and all of those she touches, well.

On the not so good side, it is sad and disappointing that none of the legitimate news agencies picked up this story. Why that is true is, unfortunately, left to speculation.

Instead, one of our more vocal citizens, Jeff Cruz did their job for them, relying on his phone and YouTube to get the story out. Social media groups are doing their part to get the information to you.

Torres has been locked down because of Covid, and the desire to keep it out of the shelter. Joy is renting motel rooms to quarantine the displaced for 14 days, according to CDC guidelines (shortened to 10 recently?), and if tested negative, will be accepted into Torres. This process will continue until all the available beds are full.

It is about time, and due credit should go to Joy for taking a bad situation and actually doing something to make it better. Thank you Joy.

As to the rest of the usual suspects who showed up to complain and nothing else, take a lesson. This is how to get something done. And guess what, the city council was not needed.

— Rob Berry, Chico



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