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Johnny Depp latest trial updates: Actor to be questioned by Amber Heard’s lawyers today

Johnny Depp told psychiatrist of ‘chaotic’ relationship with Amber Heard

WARNING: This live blog contains allegations of physical and sexual violence that some readers may find distressing.

Amber Heard’s defence case continues in the defamation trial brought against her by ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Heard is being sued by Depp for $50m for implying he abused her in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Although she didn’t name him, he claims her allegations impacted his ability to work. She is pursuing a counter claim for $100m.

Testimony has been given by several of Heard’s former friends as well as her sister, acting coach, and makeup artist. They all testified either seeing her injuries or alleged altercations with Depp.

On Thursday, Depp’s longtime friend spoke of a jealous streak in the actor, while his former agent said he romanticised drugs and constantly showed up late to sets impacting his career.

The actor’s ex-business manager described his increasingly dire financial situation and “erratic behaviour” relating to drugs and alcohol. Actor and Depp-ex Ellen Barkin recalled him drinking all the time and once throwing a wine bottle across a room during an argument.

Testimony resumes on Monday.


How Johnny Depp’s behaviour at the Amber Heard trial has gone viral

Johnny Depp is due to take the stand once again this week in his ongoing defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Since the trial – which is underway in Fairfax County, Virginia – began on 11 April, supporters of Depp have been circulating their favourite moments from the courtroom on social media platforms.

Annabel Nugent has the full story about how Depp’s behaviour at his trial has gone viral.

Peony Hirwani23 May 2022 11:10


What do we know about the jury and jury instructions?

After closing arguments, of the nine jurors who have heard the case, two will be designated as alternates for Judge Penney Azcarate to have on standby in case any of the other seven has to drop out.

Court TV reports that the current makeup of the jury appears to be six men, four Asian and two white, and three women, one Asian, one Black, and one White.

In a win for Amber Heard’s team, Judge Azcarate ruled that the three statements made by Adam Waldman, Johnny Depp’s attorney from the UK trial — the basis of her counterclaim for defamation against Depp — will be considered as the actor’s statements.

Oliver O’Connell23 May 2022 11:00


Depp lawyer meets the courthouse alpacas

Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez, who has found internet fame amongst Depp fans following her cross-examination of Amber Heard, took time to meet the alpacas that have been brought to the courthouse every day in support of her client.

Depp said under oath that he wouldn’t film another Pirates of the Caribbean movie for $300m and a million alpacas.

Oliver O’Connell23 May 2022 10:00


What do lawyers think about Camille Vasquez’s cross-examination of Amber Heard?

Camille Vasquez, one of the attorneys representing Johnny Depp in his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, cross-examined Ms Heard over the course of two days on 16 and 17 May.

The moment, which saw Ms Vasquez seeking to undermine Ms Heard’s credibility and her claims that Mr Depp sexually assaulted her and was violent against her, has been described as “often harsh” by Deadline, which noted: “Depp’s lawyers may have lacked an actual kitchen sink, but they tried to throw one figuratively at Heard today during further cross examination of the Aquaman actress in the $50m defamation trial.

“That strategy continued during the redirect, with Depp’s lawyers calling out ‘objection’ on almost every question by Bredehoft, about half of which Judge Penny Azcarte sustained.”

The Independent spoke to two attorneys about Vasquez’s cross-examination strategy, including its possible advantages and drawbacks.

Oliver O’Connell23 May 2022 09:00


Camille Vasquez: Fan pages, video tributes, and romance rumors

Clémence Michallon reports on how Johnny Depp’s fandom turned its focus to his lawyer Camille Vasquez after her cross-examination of Amber Heard.

Oliver O’Connell23 May 2022 07:30


New witness confirmed in Depp rebuttal

Court TV reports that Jennifer Howell will testify in Johnny Depp’s rebuttal case next week in a pre-recorded deposition video.

Ms Howell was mentioned during the testimony of Amber Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez.

She is the founder of the Art of Elysium and Ms Henriquez moved out of the Eastern Columbia Building penthouses and in with her in 2015 and referred to her as her “chosen sister”.

There are two accounts of why this was. Ms Henriquez says it was because Depp accused her of leaking stories to the press, but Ms Howell allegedly has a different story — that it was because Ms Henriquez was fighting with Heard.

Ms Howell also allegedly has a very different account of what has become known as “the staircase incident” at the penthouses as told to her at the time by Ms Henriquez.

Oliver O’Connell23 May 2022 06:00


‘Paranoid’ Depp told psychiatrist of ‘chaotic’ relationship with Heard

Johnny Depp’s psychiatrist has revealed that the “paranoid” actor admitted to having a “very chaotic” relationship with “lots of anger” towards ex-wife Amber Heard.

Testimony from Dr Alan Blaustein was played in court on Thursday during the former couple’s defamation trial, where he spoke about the Pirates actor’s issues with drugs, alcohol, “rage” and “jealousy”.

“It was a very chaotic relationship with a lot of fluctuations, ups and downs. Lots of difficulties, emotional expressions” he testified Mr Depp told him in their sessions.

“Lots of anger in both places and high intensity… A lot of love, a lot of disappointment, a lot of fears.”

He added: “Part of his goal of therapy was to work through the anger that he and his fiancee had toward each other.”

Oliver O’Connell23 May 2022 04:00


Heard insists her 2018 op-ed on domestic violence is ‘not about Johnny’

Ms Heard said that the article is actually about her and what happened to her “after I escaped my marriage”.

“The only one who made it about him ironically is Johnny,” she told the court.

Oliver O’Connell23 May 2022 02:00


Heard breaks down saying she filed for divorce from Johnny Depp as she feared she ‘wouldn’t survive’

Amber Heard sobbed in court as she said she filed for divorce from Johnny Depp because she feared she “wouldn’t survive” if she stayed in the relationship.

“I knew if I didn’t I’d likely not literally survive,” she said, choking back tears.

Oliver O’Connell23 May 2022 00:00


Depp fulfilling promise that Heard ‘will never see his eyes again’

Johnny Depp is fulfilling a promise he made to Amber Heard that she will “never see his eyes again” after accusing him of being an abuser, a US court has heard.

The Aquaman star again denied Mr Depp had been the victim in their violent relationship, and reiterated that her 2018 article had not been about him, as she continued giving evidence on Monday.

Mr Depp is suing Ms Heard over the piece she wrote in The Washington Post, which his lawyers say falsely implies he physically and sexually abused her while they were together.

He has denied all accusations.

Oliver O’Connell22 May 2022 23:00


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