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JMH says some phones are down due to cyber attack

A phone outage is the latest problem caused by a weekend cyber attack on Johnson Memorial Health’s computer network.

Phone access is available via the emergency phone system, but doctor’s offices do not have an emergency phone system to fall back on. Staff is also having trouble receiving messages, said Dr. David Dunkle, president and CEO.

The outage started a few days ago, but has gotten progressively worse. A workaround to send calls to cell phones the hospital purchased is being attempted as a temporary measure, Dunkle said.

Access may be restored by Friday if the cell phone forwarding works. The best way to contact each office is still their regular phone number, he said.

Dunkle still does not know when full phone or computer network access will be available, so hospital staff is asking for patience.

Hospital system have been dealing with the aftermath of the cyber attack since late on Friday, when hackers breached the network.

Johnson Memorial received a ransom request Tuesday, but hospital officials have not yet decided whether to pay the ransom or rebuild a new network from scratch.

It is also unclear what information, if any, the hackers were able to obtain from the network before it was shut down.

The FBI is investigating.

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