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Kozhikode: Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said in Kannur that it is important to note P Jayarajan’s statement that communists don’t indulge in worshipping individuals and that the party was supreme. He said the media, who went after Jayarajan, won’t get the result it intended because of it. CM read out his entire FB post, analysed it and said that everything written in it was true.
Jayarajan had said in his Facebook post that the party was the ‘captain’ and that the surety that the people felt was that of the party and the Left and not individuals.
“As far as we are concerned, the party is supreme. Everyone is subservient to it. A person commits mistakes when he thinks he is above the party. When it feels that a person is changing and thinks he is above the party, the party will obviously correct him,” said Vijayan.
He said that during campaign, he came across little kids who expressed their attachment in unique ways. “The love they express is not created by anyone. I remember one kid calling me ‘Pinarayi achacha’ during a meeting. I remember a child waving at me from inside a car when I was speaking somewhere. In many stages, I remember kids coming to me with drawings that they made during lockdown. It shows a special attachment that has formed between people and the LDF,” said the CM, adding that he had received a song written by a housewife during campaign.
He said these are the signs of affection towards LDF. “When we attend a function, there would be slogans and other arrangements by the organizer. Some of you might remember the last Kerala Yatra. The rush and passion happened then because I was there as a party leader. When you see such expressions of love and excitement, one shouldn’t think that it is all due to the excellence of oneself. That would be a problem,” he said, adding that usually it doesn’t happen with Communists.
“I have seen lots of expressions of excitement and as a volunteer; I had welcomed the party and party leaders like that. I am seeing the other end of it now. My style is not going to change because of this. My nature is to maintain the level of alertness that a Communist needs,” he added.
He alleged that many media houses were ‘paid’ and they ‘twisted’ Jayarajan’s post in a different way. “I have said about a ‘syndicate’ in the past. This is not that but a type of pay off. This is not suitable for the media,” he said. The CM added that the front would get more seats this election.

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