James Bennet Has a Point

Readers may recall when James Bennet was sacked as Opinion editor of the New York Times last year for running an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton suggesting that the military should be called in to quell urban riots. We disagreed with Mr. Cotton at the time but defended Mr. Bennet.

Well, the editor returned from exile Thursday with a guest appearance writing Politico’s daily newsletter. “You may have last seen me getting bounced out of The New York Times for running an opinion piece by Sen. TOM COTTON (R-Ark.) arguing for the use of military troops to prevent the rioting that accompanied some of the peaceful protests over the summer,” Mr. Bennet wrote. “As our editorials made clear, I disagreed with Cotton then (that’s one reason I supported running the piece). And so I hope it doesn’t make me a hypocrite now to say that I wish the military had been out in force Wednesday to stop the rioting and protect what Biden called the ‘citadel of liberty.’”

Fair point, sir, and welcome back. We’d note that many Democrats are also lamenting the failure of the Capitol police to stop the mob (see nearby). Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan is predicting that some will be fired. We’re also glad to publish Mr. Cotton nearby making a similar point about policing, even if others find it too controversial.


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