‘It’s back’ | The Livingston Enterprise

Winter has returned to Livingston after a mild January, according to the National Weather Service.

After a weekend that saw high winds and temperatures Saturday followed by low temperatures and snow Sunday,  NWS Meteorologist Dan Borsum said winter weather will be the norm for now.

“It’s back, and get ready to deal with it for a while,” Borsum said.

For whatever reason, Borsum said, Februarys have become exceptionally snowy in Montana, while December increasingly looks like an extension of fall.

Livingston began the weekend with high winds, starting late Friday night and lasting through Saturday. Borsum said the NWS sensor at Mission Field recorded a gust of 78 mph at 11:20 p.m. Friday, the  highest of the weekend. Livingston typically sees gusts like that four to five times per winter, Borsum said.

The sensor on Interstate 90 east of town recorded a high gust of 73 mph Friday night, Borsum said, and the I-90 sensor west of Livingston recorded a high gust of 60 mph Saturday morning.

Livingston also reached a temperature of 58 degrees at 1:53 Saturday, according to the NWS.

The weather turned around from high temperatures and winds to snow and cold Sunday, with Livingston seeing 2-4 inches of snow in town and upward of 10 inches in the foothills.

The weather was consistent with the rest of the state, Borsum said, with residents experiencing high winds and temperatures Saturday only to wake up with snow and temperatures falling Sunday morning.

The winter weather is going to continue later this week, Borsum said. High winds are expected beginning Tuesday night and into Wednesday, with another round of winter weather beginning Wednesday night and continuing Thursday and Friday, possibly into Saturday.

“Winter has returned and it’s not leaving,” Borsum said. 


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