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Italian broadcaster apologises over segment offering advice to women on how to do shopping ‘in a sexy way’

The Italian public broadcaster has suspended a popular lifestyle programme and ordered an internal inquiry after it aired a segment on how to “shop in a sexy way”, drawing flak from people and politicians.

The segment aired on Detto Fatto, a programme on the state broadcaster’s Rai 2 channel, featuring ballerina and pole dancing teacher Emily Angelillo, where she gave tips on how to look sexy and provocative in a supermarket in order to attract the attention of men.

Tips included suggestions like wearing heels and walking in an attractive way while pushing a shopping trolley, raising a knee while picking up products from the shelf for additional intrigue and picking a product up from the floor in a “non-vulgar” way.

“I would squat with one knee more bent than the other, keeping my legs closed so I don’t spread my legs to make the situation more vulgar,” Ms Angelillo says in the show. Detto Fatto translates as no sooner said than done.

The episode drew flak from many, including some politicians, who said it was offensive and set the cause of feminism in Italy back. Some drew attention to the fact that it aired on the eve of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

MPs from the far-right League party said in a statement: “It is unacceptable that the public broadcaster, which is funded by taxpayers, should air such a second-rate, low grade spectacle.”

Bianca Guaccero, presenter of Detto Fatto, also apologised “on behalf of my whole team”, adding: “As I have always done in my life, I will make sure that this never happens again.”

Emily Angelillo later issued an apology on her Facebook page, saying she was “sorry for all the women who felt insulted” and she was only “trying to teach them [women] not only techniques and steps but also to be people free of prejudices and preconceptions of any kind.”


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