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Italian artificial intelligence ready to take off with the PNRR

The Council of Ministers adopted the Strategic Program for Artificial Intelligence 2022-2024 on 24 November.

The project has three immediate and precise objectives:

– encourage the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the public administration and production systems of the country;

-increase funding for research;

-to attract the brightest brains in this field of study, possibly bringing back the previously escaped brains to Italy.

More generally, the program – on which the Ministries of Universities, Economic Development and Technological Innovation and the Digital Transition have worked – must bridge the gap between us and the other countries that have invested more and earlier.



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As explained by Fabio Tonacci in Repubblica of 25 November, in the document there are dozens of investments to be financed with expenditure items of the NRP dedicated to technological development, for a total of 26 billion euros.

Italy currently spends 1.45% of GDP on research in the AI ​​sector, compared to 2.19 in France or 3.17 in Germany.

The government focuses heavily on encouraging research, increasing the number of innovative doctorates, research projects, the creation of partnerships between universities and companies; the promotion of professorships and careers in science subjects.

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