Is Your iPhone Lost or Stolen? Here’s How to Track It Even If It’s Off or Erased!

Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 15 already? If not, then you should start updating your Apple device to get all the benefits it brings. The newly released iOS 15 update includes tracking lost or stolen iPhones even if the device was erased or went off.

In line with this, a TikTok video went viral as it explained in detail the step-by-step process of using the said feature. Aside from this, there are also some iOS 15 features that Apple included in the said software update.

Keep in mind that the shared process in using the feature only works for the Apple device that has iOS 15.

How to Track Your Lost or Stolen iPhone

Tiktok user @frankmcshan posted a video explaining that iPhone users can now track their lost or stolen iPhones. In case you did not know, McShan shares several tech tips and tricks on his TikTok account, which has more than 1 million followers and over 43 million video likes.

According to McShan, it is possible to locate your iPhone even if the device ran of battery, erased or turned off. The device should be close to another active Apple device, though, in order for his feature to work.

  1. Long press the home button.
  2. After long-pressing the home button, you must tap “iPhone Findable After Power Off” located underneath the “Slide to Power Off” option.
  3. Once the “iPhone Findable After Power Off” was tapped, a message prompt will appear containing two options. The said options are “Ok” and “Temporarily Turn Off Finding.”
  4. In the message prompt, you must tap the “Ok” option to use the said feature.
  5. Right after choosing the “OK” option, you must double-check the “Find My iPhone” settings. By doing this, you will be able to see that “Find My iPhone,” “Find My Network,” and “Send Last Location” are toggled on.

However, if the iPhone has the updated software version, this feature is enabled by default.

As of writing, the TikTok video has accumulated more than 180,000 views, about 10,000 likes, and approximately 100 comments.

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In case the iPhone was completely lost, you can still access their iCloud account through this site.

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Other iOS 15 Security Features

Aside from tracking lost and stolen iPhone features, there are other helpful iOS 15 features protect you and your device. Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said that privacy has been the focus of the company from the very beginning, per Apple Newsroom.

In line with this, Fast Company has shared several privacy and security features that the iOS 15 has which might help you protect your iPhone.

Mail Privacy Protection

This feature keeps your email actions and IP addresses private from senders who place tracking pixels into the sent message. To enable this feature, head to “Settings” then tap “Mail.” From the “Mail” option, choose “Privacy protection” then toggle on the “Protect Mail Privacy.”

The “Hide IP Address” button must also be toggled on to hide the IP Address of the iPhone.

Share iPhone’s Current Location Just Once

This feature allows you to grant apps to access your current location only once. Once the app asks for the users’ location, you must choose “One-time” access instead of choosing between “Always allow” or “Never.

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