Is Apple’s iCloud folder sharing a shadow IT problem?

After a long delay, Apple is preparing to introduce iCloud Folder Sharing across both its Mac and iOS platforms. This is a big blessing for collaboration, but is it safe?

What is iCloud Folder Sharing?

iCloud Folder Sharing was first announced at WWDC 2019, but delayed until – well, at present it is still delayed and was only recently made available inside the latest iOS and macOS developer betas. Which means it should be on the way.


How it works?

It works in a similar way to iCloud file sharing, except you can define shared folders as well as shared files.

In use, you can choose to make it possible to share a folder with anyone who has a specific link or choose to limit access solely to named parties. You also get to choose if people you share items with can edit them, or just take a look.

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