iPhone Hack: How to Take Videos With Music On, Viral TikTok Gives Tutorial

Recording a video on your iPhone with background music or a podcast playing in the background is almost impossible, except when the audio is coming from a second device, but a viral TikTok video might have changed the game and people are even calling it “life-changing.”

Apple iPhone hack how to record video with music

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This simple iPhone hack has been blowing people’s minds off.

A Common iPhone Dilemma

As every iPhone user would know, every time the device’s video function is turned on, songs or podcasts playing from Spotify or locally stored audio will instantly get turned off.

Until now, there never really are any solutions and iPhone users have just begun using filters from Instagram and the like to play audio while taking a short clip, but thanks to TikTok user Erik Tollefsrud, iPhone users have found an amazing hack that lets them record videos with the music or audio on.

According to In The Know, the short video shows an easy but effective workaround for the video and music dilemma.

As of writing, the viral TikTok has now over 2 million views, and it has only been uploaded a couple of days ago, with many in the comments saying how the trick was “life-changing” for them.

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How to Record Videos With the Music On

So, how do you do the trick?

Based on the TikTok, turning on the video function will turn off any audio, but the camera function does not, so to record some videos with music on, start by opening the device’s camera app, then go play any song or audio that fits in the video.

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Once the audio is playing, flip back to the camera then click and hold the button.

This should do the trick and the iPhone should start recording a video without cutting off the background music.

Furthermore, Apple enthusiasts can even slide the camera button on the side to allow the device to continue recording, all without cutting the audio off.

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More iPhone and Macbook Hacks and Tricks

Since the trick is so simple, many were mind-blown and decided to try the trick as soon as they watched the video, and then commenting how it actually worked and thanked the TikTok user, who have more iPhone tricks and hacks up his sleeves.

Looking at Tollefsrud’s TikTok page, he had several other iPhone videos, which Apple fans might want to check out.

For example, the TikTok user shared a simple trick on how to find a certain passage, phrase, or word on a note filled with paragraphs, or maybe closing all open tabs on the Safari web browser–with every single one having a simple enough answer.

Tollesfrud also has a few videos on “things you didn’t know you could do on your Macbook.”

It seems like some people already know the simple trick on recording videos with the music on, but for those who haven’t figured it out, the TikTok video is definitely worth checking out.

With the features of an iPhone device, it seems like there are a whole lot of things that Apple users haven’t been able to figure out yet, but a little tinkering here and there might unlock some useful hacks and tips that no one knew before.

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