iPhone Funny Memes and Jokes Take over Twitter! From ‘Pawri Hori Hai’ Twist to Mirror Selfie with Apple Phones, Hilarious Posts That Will Make Your Day

iPhone memes are evergreen. Right from people considering selling kidneys to afford iPhones to the “unknown” reasons why iPhone owners only take mirror selfies (Like, really why?!), netizens cannot stop taking a dig at iPhones and its users. The world might end someday but internet trolling the iPhone users will never end. Well, since 2021 is looking too good for the new iPhone launched while iPhone 12 hasn’t even been old yet, people have started posting memes and jokes online. Some promising leaks for the next Apple launches that could probably be called iPhone, iPhone 13, or the iPhone 12S have made netizens churn out memes and jokes. iPhone 12 Price Funny Memes Are Here to Crack Indians Up! From ‘Sell Kidney’ Jokes at the Price List to iPhone 12 Looking Like iPhone 5, Internet Explodes With Hilarious Posts. 

Word has it that we can expect quite a lot from Apple this year. According to XDA, “the new iPhone 13 Pro models are going to retain most of the design elements from the iPhone 12 series, but with a more refined matte finish at the back, which could feel soft just like the Google Pixel.” Well, while we are thoroughly excited, we cannot help but enjoy the funny memes and jokes that are going viral online. Take a look at some of the most evergreen iPhone memes and jokes that will set you RIOFLing!

Pawri hori hai?

iPhone Mirror Selfies



Scamster Neel is On Fire

LOL! Whatever may be the occasion, you can always squeeze in an iPhone meme or joke. If not, there always room for Android vs IOS debate! Isn’t it? Whether or not you are an iPhone person, funny memes and jokes are always great.

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