iPhone 11 price cut continues but Apple may soon reveal two phones that are even cheaper

Apple fans wanting to buy the latest iPhone can currently pick up a decent deal. The new iPhone 11, which was revealed back in September, has been dropped in price with one retailer continuing to sell this flagship phone at a discount.

Currys dropped the cost of the iPhone 11 in the Boxing Day sales but those heading to this UK store will still find this device on sale for just £699 – that’s a saving of £30.


It’s pretty rare to find Apple’s latest and greatest phones getting a price drop so this is certainly a deal that’s worth your attention.

However, if that £699 price still seems a little high then there could be some good news coming in the next few months.

Rumours have a been rife for a while that Apple could be planning to release an update to its hugely popular – and much cheaper – iPhone SE.

One recent rumour has suggested this device could be called the iPhone 9 but now there’s another update from the team at DigiTimes which may shed even more light on this new device.

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According to the latest news, it seems Apple may be planning to release not just one budget iPhone but two.

These could arrive in March with speculation growing that one will feature a 5.5-inch LCD display with the other getting a bigger 6.1-inch screen.

There’s no word on what other specs will be included but launching a cheaper version of its iPhones would be a hugely popular decision among Apple fans who can’t stretch to a £1,000 iPhone 11 Pro.

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With so many manufacturers launching cheaper devices it would make sense for Apple to follow with its own lower-priced call makers.

Samsung has recently announced the launch of its new Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite which both offer decent specs without a flagship price.

Apple is unlikely to want its users to be enticed away from its brand by these cheaper Android rivals and a new iPhone SE (or iPhone 9) could be the perfect way to offer fans an entry-level device.

As with all Apple launches, the US firm will remain tight-lipped until a few weeks before an official announcement but it’s not uncommon for there to be a March event so watch this space if you are looking to upgrade your current iPhone SE.



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